We dedicate this brief documentary video on aquaponic systems in memoriam Dr Robert Howerton Phd, the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Program and Maui County Aquaculture Extension Agent. In collaboration with Dr Bob Howerton, the Teens On Call students set up for themselves, other families, and schools a total of 18 backyard systems over a three year period, similar to the 'educational model' seen in the video below. These have proven to be excellent incubators for growing assorted vegetables, fish, and lowering family food bills. The teens continue to maintain the systems they set up at the Paia Training Center on Baldwin Avenue in Paia. We will forever be indebted to Dr Howerton for his lasting contribution to the development of Aquaponics on Maui.

Video produced by Kat Tracy in 2008 • (808) 871.5554 • (808) 283.7961

There is also an instructional video available which gives step-by-step instructions to guide anyone in building their own aquaponics system at home. As the instructional video cost this non-profit organization $1000 to create, any donations to Teens On Call would be greatly appreciated and enable them to carry on with the good work they are doing for Maui's teens and the Maui community. Mahalo! Video coming soon.